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Happy Chinese New Year!

A little blog looking at a place of high interest for the make-u-believe team; with our fascination and love of Eastern cultures, we have enjoyed looking at some of the interesting facts found for tomorrows celebration, the start of Chinese New Year.


This year will be the year of the goat, but as we have been looking at the Zhulong Dragon for a current stage show using body art as the backdrops, we thought a share of the piece for the theatre production ‘Origins’ and some interesting information on this symbolic mythical creature would be a great way to start the new year as the dragon dances parade the streets of Hong Kong.

ZhulongLiterally meaning “illuminating darkness” Zhulong is also called Zhuyin (“torch dragon”) is a dragon with a human head worshipped as a Sun God in Chinese mythology. Zhulong is supposed to have a human’s face and snake’s body, created day and night by opening and closing its eyes, and created seasonal winds by breathing.

Origins_GWOC_280414_01-Edit (2)

Further backdrops for the stage show include landscapes from around the globe as above; we loved creating the Great Wall and are very much looking forward to capturing more of the concepts and costumes featured in the forthcoming months.

And lastly, according to this years animal symbol, The Goat is said to prefer peace, is most comfortable at home, and is artistic but resistant to change. Well, we are definitely on board with peace and art but hope to travel to all sorts of various spots to enjoy the array of cultures throughout the year, along with enjoying all of lifes changes!

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