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Matters of the heart…

Hello again,  as its that ‘Valentines’ time of year, we return to look at matters of the heart.

There is lots of information and many videos about the origins of Valentines online, after scanning through some of the masses of opinions, we found this little video quite amusing with some interesting facts combined with some slightly questionable “statistics” and rather bizarre ryhmes!

The idea of a man who heals the blind or how whipping people with goat thongs makes them fertile are some of the entertaining stories that have led to this modern cultures day of chocolate, flowers and cards… We find this day of ‘lovers’ enduring popularity convenient for the companies who have products perfect for February the 14th, and so prefer to look at the wide perspectives and ideas of love around the world for this blog.

The series ‘Mon Couer’ is a recent Make-u-believe exploration of our different views and interpretations from around our globe, and we managed to squeeze in some timelapse videos showing the painting process forming.

'Missing from me'

‘Missing’ Makeubelieve

The interpretation in France of ‘I miss you’ is closer to an expression of ‘You are missing from me’. Tu Me Manques  takes the idea of a missing poster and a heart torn out of the paper, expressing the feeling when someone you love is no longer with you.




'Kintsugi' Makeubelieve

‘Kintsugi’ Makeubelieve

Now to the wonderful idea of Kintsugi, the Art of Golden repair, where the Japanese use gold to mend breaks and cracks in their pottery as they believe when something is broken it has history so becomes more beautiful.





We looked at one of our favourite subjects, the Origins of words, and had a look at an idiom from our English ideas on ‘love’, to:

tug at your heartstrings

also pull on your heartstrings, to cause strong feelings of affection or sympathy.

We loved the ‘drama’ of this idea and many of our interpretations of love having a theatrical feel, very much a ‘temporance’ in a certain idea of love, a romantic kind of love, that is something quite different to unconditional love.

We also began looking at other interpretations of love that we love! 3 minutes into this video with Slavoj Zizek, he describes his ideas on freedom and love, and how we ‘fall’ in love.

The use of the term “fall” implies that the process is in some way uncontrollable and risky – as in the phrases “to fall ill” or “to fall into a trap” – and that it leaves the lover in a state of vulnerability.

We also have loved looking at the ideas of Biologist Jeremy Griffith, as he suggests that people fall in love in order to abandon themselves to the dream of an ideal state (being one free of the human condition).

No matter the ideas of love, or that this weekends origins have been turned into commercial consuming, we do think that love is a concept that is hard to define and something we all experience in many different ways. So we simply wish you much love, of any kind, all year round!

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