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Aborginal Origins

As we say farewell to one of our close make-u-believe buddies we are taking a look at her destination spot and blogging about one of our favourite lands with its Aboriginal Origins, Australia.

With Australia day on Monday we are once again peeling back the layers of historical stories and looking at the beautiful and lost culture of the Aboriginal people. There are many wonderful documentaries looking at the way of life prior to the modern English colonisation after the end of the 18th century. The ‘Men of the fifth world’ is a great watch to discover the native people who once worked so closely with the vast landscape and diverse animals in their home land.

Another fantastic documentary which looks closely at Australia days origins and shows the problems of the remaining aboriginal people is Utopia; this is a hard watch along with Rabbit Proof Fence but we couldn’t recommend more highly. Rabbit Proof Fence tells the true story of  Molly, Daisy and Gracie, who experienced what we at the time believed to be ‘helping’ the people who were seen as uncivilized. The effects of these beliefs and how what was once a ‘colony’ in quite recent history has now become a country of 22.6 million people, with more wanting to travel to this destination spot for the current Australian lifestyle such as our friend, we find shows the speed of our modern lives.

The changes over time are so vast but can be seen as so relatively short. We absolutely love Aamer Rahmens comedy, where he looks at the comparisons of Australia to other countries globally with his witty points on Australia Day; but also his fantastic way of explaining the effects of beliefs and how seperating ourselves due to culture and colour over time has been ridiculous, and Reverse Racism is pretty impossible. We find him absolutely inspiring, along with the incredible Lupita Nyong and her award speech at ‘The Worlds Most Beautiful 2014’, where she directly explains some of the real points made in Aamer Rahmens reverse racism comedy about beauty standards for skin colour and also highlights some of the further change in our views over time.

We also love Lupita’s interview with her idol Alek Wek below; she talks about the effect and inspiring other people when in the public eye and the power of this, something we are bringing into projects and ideas at the moment with the Make-u-believe teams work.

So, we leave you with a piece briefly featured in previous blogs discovering our Origins, with some behind the scenes photos of wonderful Helen Claire being painted as our interpretation of the Rainbow Snake from Aborginal Dream time stories, we hope you enjoy!

EE_BTS_150314_01 EE_BTS_150314_02  EE_BTS_150314_04 EE_BTS_150314_05

'Rainbow snake' Origns series

‘Dreamtime’ Origns series


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