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Hello once again, we return with our ever passion for painting people! With a look this time at one of our favourite artist who uses the traditional canvas to create his inspiring work, Paul Wright.

Early self portrait of Paul Wright

Early self portrait of Paul Wright

We recently had the fortune of asking for our artists permission to create a blog about his work at the Leicester sketch club. Paul is known widely for his incredible portraits using oil paints and large pallet knifes, he moves the paint around the canvas medium and plays with distorting the images and varying colour. One of the make-u-believers was lucky enough to attend one of his workshops over ten years ago and it was fascinating to see how his career, but mainly his artistic style, has developed over time. With palate and his impressionist paintily style becoming ever more closer to abstraction.

paul wright 3 paul wright paul wright2

We found it intriguing that he finds it more difficult to paint female portaits in his current works, that this distortion of the face lends better to masculine features. We’ve included some of our favourite female faces of his above as they strongly influenced our own inspired piece shown later in the blog with their choice in palate and style. Paul noted that features like the lips are something he tries not to minipulate too much, as they hold this face intact, we love that he often leaves one eye for the viewer to focus on also.

LbCtk6_YZ_7q9n8IvLCsWsx7Ixc paul wright shoes paul wright4

Our personal favourite pieces were these inspired by his grandfather, he would fix the same pair of shoes for 34 years and Paul noted ‘they began to have a life of their own’ so captured them in a still life portrait. His grandfather also spent his life in the same house, growing up in a room, that Paul felt had this similar history to the shoes, and now is only used when guests come to visit. We are unsure if these are the paintings above are the mentioned room and shoes, but they are further expamples, never the less of these still life pieces having a history and so potential ‘personality’ of their own. Most people see there beloved old bear as something with a character already, we hold onto these items with sentiment and seem to give personality to these objects of great love throughout our lives, again showing how our perspective is paramount as these paintings can also be seen as a form of portrait.

paul wright early work  paul wright 5  paul wright hands

We love how Pauls work has developed even futher through movement and colour over time, that it has a lively feel and temporance in creation much like body art, he creates his pieces in a single day as he moves around the wet paint.

So we looked at body artists who use artistic styles within their works to produce living portraits as further influence to creating a piece inspired by Paul Wrights work. Alexa Meade uses the human figure within her paintings, involving body art and all the surrounding furnishings with impressionist artistic styles to turn 3-dimensions into 2-dimensions picture. She does this by painting the light, shadows and contours “to diminish a dimension.”

alexa meade 1 alexa meade 3 alexa meade1

We were also inspired by Alexas TED talk as she explains how she completely changed her life path to explore the living canvas.

We created a piece to combine the styles and colour palate of Paul Wright’s work, with a feel somewhere inbetween his current and early pieces, and painting on the human form in an artistic style the likes of which Alexa Meade is expert. We enjoyed the process and feel it is something we shall look at more with particular artists of great influence in future blogs, but for now, we hope you enjoy this portrait painting of one of our Make-u-believers!


Make-u-believes Painted Portait inspired piece

Make-u-believes Painted Portait inspired piece

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