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Hello! This week we are getting all excited booking our visit to this years World Bodypainting festival!

The biggest global event of body art and home of fellow paint enthusiasts! We couldn’t be more ecstatic by the competitions theme this year too, ‘Games we play’ in round one, and ‘Surrealism’ on the final day.

“Resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality” surrealisms aim

It seems perfect timing for the ‘Mindgames’ series we’ve been creating to be released too, as you could say this has it’s own surrealist concept within the ideas of the minds games.

HC_RCUBE_BTS_281114_10 HC_RCUBE_BTS_281114_01 HC_RCUBE_BTS_281114_03 HC_RCUBE_BTS_281114_07

Mind games explores how the minds thoughts create our reality and so inform the illusion around us; as thoughts are ideas, our thoughts are the game players in life.

'Bend the rules' Mind games series

‘Bend the rules’ Mind games series

We had fun looking at the idea that:

Everyone plays the game of life, but not everyone follows the rules.

So we played with perspective and created the rubik cube, to ‘bend the rules’.

We find that ‘game playing’ terminology, so often within relationships, an interesting idea. Using language within popular culture to describe people as ‘players’, with phrases like “don’t hate the player, hate the game’ or terms like ‘playing with someones heart’.

This idea that love has something to do with games is also something we found fascinating, we wonder if it stems from the idea of courtship in nature often being a competition or where various species try to impress to gain a mate; and if this has now become a confusing game of the ego in our modern human lives.

'Love between Kings & Queens' Mind games series

‘Love between Kings & Queens’ Mind games series

We’ve simplified complex things with this black and white view and played with perspective and the idea of mind games and love ‘Between Kings and Queens’ being as much to do with our egos and ownership rather than unconditional love. “Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess, the Queen protects the King.” The use of words like ‘need’ and ‘mess’ help to describe some of these potentially unhealthy concepts on love in ‘the game of life’.

Our last thought for the series, is that of a play on words, that ‘listen’ and ‘silent’ are spelt with the same characters, and that they are both required for one another to be truly happening.

'Made from each other, Silent, Listen' Mind games series

‘Made from each other, Silent, Listen’ Mind games series

We can find that we believe we are listening to something, however our thoughts themselves are still creating a mental noise making it impossible to really listen fully. This idea of mental silence, is something that if you have spent anytime practicing yoga or meditation, can seem an impossible game when you begin, to even grasp a few seconds of this real quiet in our minds is something that is very difficult in this game of life, all because of our ever changing, illusionary thoughts.

If we could really be silent, really listen, there would be no game, no illusion, no thoughts, no ideas, no concepts, nothing.

“When nothing is done,
nothing is left undone.”

― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching:Book of the Way, read more here


Now there’s a thought!


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