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Very superstitious…

Happy New Year!

We return with a blog looking at some of the strange origins and customs for a bright new year!

The superstitions to never wash on new years day or you will wash a life away, amongst others, we find very amusing to trace back to their origins, as further proof the power of stories and words really lasts through time! See ten-strange-new-year-superstitions and our favourite video on the origins of these odd beliefs!

The amount of superstitions based on animals, particularily our favourite animal is the ever loved kitty cat! Perhaps so many susperstitions from the ritual rich Eygptian culture led to their populaity amongst superstitious sayings, but the ‘black cat crossing your path’ or hearing ‘cat cries’ on New Years or before setting off on a journey wouldn’t stop us giving out cuddles! We had many cat cuddles in a recent venture to the lovely Berenice Page and Patricia Crust art studios in the towns of Ciada and Bicos in Portugal last October, we seemed to be very lucky with the sunshine still in force and a wonderful stay with two fantastic artists and their inspiring works.

pats studio  pats work1  Pats work

Patricia Crusts studio and beautiful portraits

2014-10-20 21.10.24 2014-10-21 14.50.20 2014-10-21 14.50.43

Berenice Page’s lovely cats and kittens!

Local lake & perfect spot for painting

Local lake & perfect spot for painting

We could have blogged about many aspects of the beautiful landscape or relaxed culture, the pleasure of seeing hundreds of storks in the rice fields or riding horses on the beach, but on return from our break we decided to base a blog on the favourite pet portraits created on face and baby bumps over the last year and put brush to skin once again to express our love for the furry felines, creating the ‘Lap cat.’

    DSC_0427       FP_Pets_270414_04

Lap cat

Lap cat

As you can tell we do love cats! And with all this amazing technology at our fingertips, we still find youtubing funny cats & our favourite internet feline Maru a wonderful distraction.

And yes, just to get it stuck in your head…

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