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This is the rhythm of the Knife…

A bonfire blog with a twist, this chilly firework frenzy was spent in the presence of a truly inspirational band, the Knife.

the knife - danceknife shaking the habitual

The warm up act was already a winner, with a fun ‘DEEP Aerobics’ (short for “Death Electro Emo Protest Aerobics”) exercise sequence coupled with philosophical chants on varying subjects from gender equality to politics!

You are changing, I am changing, Change is Life & Life is change

The stunning light display of the ‘Habitual tour’, unique collection of electro instruments and energetic dance routines made an amazing visual and audio combination. The black lights picked up the equisite detail of UV nails and trainers, and their glittery faces bounced the beams, just as the fractal mirrored set.

We loved the colour co-ordinated, shoulder pad styling and slick hair cuts, that combined with the movement felt as though you were watching through the eyes of an 80s future visionary. Exactly our cup of tea!

“A handfull elf pee
That’s my soul
Spray it allover
Fill the bowl
Legs astride
An axe to grind
Generous actions with the speed of light
Without you my life would be boring”

So inspired by the Knife’s previous duo looks and Karin Dreijer Anderson (also the amazing videos of her solo career Fever Ray) we have opted to put together a piece based on this wonderful Scandanavian artist.

masks the knife      karin

fever ray 2       Style: "fever ray 2"

'Karin' by make-u-believe

‘Karin’ by make-u-believe

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