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Welcome To The Digital Age

Welcome back, and welcome to – the Digital Age!

We’ve dedicated this blog to the talented visionary artists around the globe. This technological medium allows for even more ways to express the journey of the self, with these digital devices they can create amazing works of art that will blow your mind! Perfect for make-u-believe inspiration, along with some of our favourite artists who use brushes and their own bodies to paint these incredible pieces.

makeubelieve Cameron Graymakeubelieve Android Jonesmakeubelieve simon haiduk
Digital artists, from top to bottom: Cameron Gray, Android Jones, Simon Haiduk.

See here for more digital visionary artists you won’t want to miss!

And now some unbelievable hand painted pieces from visionary artists (in order)…  Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, Adam Scott Miller and Eric Nez.

makeubelieve alex grey      makeubelieve amanda sage

makeubelieve adam scott miller      makeubelieve eric nez

The process artist Eric Nez goes through to create his work is very inspiring, sit back and enjoy watching him develop this stunning creation.

The concept behind the art they create is what appeals to us alongside the amazing skills, we love the expression of the artists and are fascinated on how they show their evolution of consciousness.

Personally, we love using the brush and find painting on skin is a preferred canvas, there is nothing quite like the living form and the challenge of creating on the body.

We’ve created a visionary art piece, influenced by the layering, patterns and psychedelic palate of these wonderful artists, adding to the array of colours by making an adornment from recycled materials dropped into the studio from friends, here is ‘All seeing.’

We hope you enjoy!

'All Seeing' by Make-u-believe

‘All Seeing’ by Make-u-believe



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