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It’s all in the mind…

Reflecting over the past years, we have decided to blog about our fondest organisation to support and work with, Rethinkyourmind’s Yellow Book and the Moving Inwards project, who aim to promote healthy minds and offer techniques and advice for people struggling with their mental well being.

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

We were asked to create a piece using the yellow book itself, a fantastic collection of art, poetry, advice and therapeutic methods to help not only the sufferors of conditions but also the friends and family and any one in contact with someone who may be needing support.
The piece ‘The Butterfly effect – a peaceful and calm open mind’ explores how what you think and how you treat others has a cause and effect reaction.

The Yellow Book head piece live at the launch

The Yellow Book piece at the launch

Everyone you come in contact with will most likely have experienced firsthand, or know of someone who has had difficulties with stress, anxiety and depression, or other mental ills that can affect all areas of their life, but also play a part in all of the lives around them.

There is a huge number of people you can influence and help just by having a good understanding and positive ‘open mind’, how you perceive mental illness is crucial, seeing the mind as something that needs healthy information, just like good food and exercise is needed for the body.

Spiralling inwards - Perceptions of reflection

Spiralling inwards – Perceptions of reflection

Reflections album and EP cover, along with the music video, have been created as part of the Moving Inwards project. Music by Refuge a Leicestershire band, using song lyrics derived from the words and poetry of people who have experienced mental health difficulties.

The track ‘Reflections’ uses metaphors based on water, the idea of not holding onto perceptions, just as if grasping at water is something that will leave you constantly frustrated, the tides of life, with its ups and downs and stormy times that eventually pass.

Endless reflections, furthering the butterly effect

Endless reflections, furthering the butterly effect

The song symbolises with it’s sails how to guide your way through and hold on, keeping your mind like a calm and peaceful ocean, and just as a vortex of water spirals into itself, that we should look inwards. This is the basics of the Tao teachings, read more here. Ironically we met the band while seeing a talk by Dr Emoto, who looks into water and it’s amazing properties. We are sad to say he recently passed away but his interesting ideas and research from a different perspective are definitely something worth entertaining. Our designs for make-up and body paint played with these ideas and how our inner world reflects the outside and how we percieve it.

Refuge will be playing in hospitals and in their wards across the region, lifting the spirits and giving the therapeutic benefits of their music.

Images and video captured by Jonathan Macauley photography, performed beautifully by Jessica Allsop and Helen Claire.

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  1. kjrajah on said:

    Hi, I love the butterfly effect image and potential meanings. Would it be possible to buy rights to use this image on my website?


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