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Lose yourself in the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Hello once again! We return with the ever hot topic in the body painting world, as with our Banksy blog, looking at the always popular camouflage body paint. If you managed to miss the novel and extremely popular technique which stemmed from the innovative partnership of Veruschka and Holger Trulzch in the 1980’s, here are just a few of our top illusion painters…

The work of Veruschka and Holger Trülzsch creative partnership was totally original for its time in the 80s

Veruschka and Holger Trülzsch

Trina Merry's work popping up globally

Trina Merry’s work popping up globally

The fantastic work of Johannes Strotter

The fantastic work of Johannes Strotter


As previously blogged, we had a lovely weekend in Cornwall before heading to our favourite street art spot and city, Bristol, managing to squeeze in the Eden Project (as seen with the previous Bestival lanyard piece. Whilst over in the Cornish countryside we spent a beautiful day in the Lost Gardens of Heligan seeing the outragiously marvellous theatre company Kneehigh perform in the evening in their Asylum tent. Their incredible show ‘Dead dog in a suitcase (and other love songs) boasted as ever an amazing set with impressive theatre design, punch and judy puppets and a giant skeleton dog.

asylum-front-nigh-ttime-landscape-with-audience     Dead-Dog-in-a-Suitcase-Everyman-Theatre-C-Steve-Tanner-620x330

dead dog skeleton    14311662980_0b5d267d30_o

Always inspirational and leaving a huge impact the show had you reeling from the political messages of the comparable state of a world. They created a thrilling production with it’s wonderful set, props, puppets and energetic and talented performers.

But before getting lost in the theatrical world of Kneehigh, we had enjoyed loosing ourselves in the garden grounds. With beautiful culturally themed areas, including a jungle which used to home real monkeys back in it’s hey day and an Italian square, along with areas for many animals, such as adorable pigs and rather shy emus.  The 1200s house and gardens of much love and creativity became ‘lost’ between 1914-90 due to the war and selling off of the estate buildings, with the recent renovation there is now a return of imagination with beautiful and striking art work and sculptures  through out.

DSC_0402 DSC_0413 sleeping-woman

Camouflage fun 'The Giants head'

Camouflage fun ‘The Giants head’

We couldn’t resist getting our paints out and litterally losing ourselves into the lost gardens, with a fun and quick camouflage piece as part of the ‘Giants head’!

Finally let’s leave you with some other sneaky peak behind the scenes photos of previous camouflage body paint projects from the team at make-u-believe. Chow for now!

Action Homeless strategy campaign film 'Are they invisible'

Action Homeless strategy campaign film ‘Are they invisible’

Paul O'Grady show, Friday night fright!

Paul O’Grady show, Friday night fright!

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